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Events and news of the year 2009

Dec 12

Zsivány has won 1st place Szürkebarát Dagóca has won 1st place in Agility MAXI-A1 at the «Winter Cup» Competitions. Congratulations and a thank you to owner Zsuzsa Ábrányi!

Dec 10

Isis has excellent hips! We have received great news from the Netherlands! Szürkebarát Ékkő «Isis» has officially healthy hips (HD-A) certified by Dutch Kennel Club. Happy, happy, happy!

Nov 29

Isis — Amsterdam Winner-2009 We are proud to announce that Szürkebarát Ékkő «Isis» has won the junior class, Junior Amsterdam Winner and Amsterdam Winner titles at the Amsterdam Winner Dog Show. Congratulations and a big thank you to owners Sandra and Edwin!

Nov 29

Zsivány has won Jubilee Winner Szürkebarát Dagóca has won the champion class and CACIB and R.CACIB titles at the two-days-show in Budapest.

Oct 31

Vitéz has excellent hips and elbows Szürkebarát Éjfél Vitéz has excellent hips (HD-A) and elbows (0/0) tested and certified by PROFIVET (Dr. Péter Pál Muka).

Oct 8

Hello Kitty — Junior World Winner Szürkebarát Éca «Hello Kitty» won CAJC and Junior World Winner titles, Szürkebarát Ebenguba won R.CAC, R.CACIB and Vice World Winner titles at World Winner Dog Show in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Oct 3

Zsivány — 3rd Best of Group Szürkebarát Dagóca won ChCAC, CACIB, BOB and 3rd Best of Group titles at International Dog Show in Komárom (Hungary).

Sept 28

«Szürkebarát» descendants in Italy A litter (D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, Milady and Costance), mothered by Szürkebarát Csalogány was born in kennel Pumi d'Oro. Congratulations!

Sept 20

Zsivány — Best of Breed Szürkebarát Dagóca won ChCAC and BOB titles at National Dog Show in Mátészalka (Hungary).

Sept 19

Batyu — National Specialty Winner Szürkebarát Ebenguba won ChCAC, BOB and National Specialty Winner titles at National Specialty Shows in Hortobágy (Hungary) and put sucessful character test. Napos Legenda got R.CAC.

Sept 1

† In loving memory of Pásztortűz Csillaga Parázs Today we lost our Parázs. She died a peaceful, natural death in our arms in our home.

August 30

Batyu — Hungarian Grand Champion Szürkebarát Ebenguba won 2xChCAC, 2xCACIB and BOB titles at 2-days-CACIB Shows in Debrecen (Hungary) and now he is a Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH)!

August 22

Zsivány — Reserve Best of Group Szürkebarát Dagóca won ChCAC, BOB and Reserve Best of Group titles at National Show in Balassagyarmat (Hungary).

August 21

Hungaricum Show Winner Szürkebarát Dagóca «Zsivány» won ChCAC, BOB, 3rd Best of Hungarian Shepherds and Special Prize of Devecser at Hungaricum Dog Show in Devecser (Hungary).

July 26

Midnight Dog Show in Debrecen (Hungary) Szürkebarát Ebenguba — CAC and BOB.

July 25

Isis — Puppy Best in Show Szürkebarát Ékkő «Isis» won Puppy Best in  Show title at International Dog Show in Luik (Liege, Belgium). Way to go! Congratulations, Sandra and Edwin!

July 18

Zsivány — Reserve Best of Hungarian Breeds Szürkebarát Dagóca won ChCAC, CACIB, BOB and Reserve Best of Hungarian Breeds titles at International Show in Szombathely (Hungary).

May 31

Pimpy — European Winner-2009 Szürkebarát Csalogány won CAC, CACIB, Green Winner, European Winner, BOB and Irish Champion titles at EURODOG Show in Dublin (Ireland).

May 31

National Show in Nyíregyháza (Hungary) Szürkebarát Ebenguba — CAC and BOB.

May 24

Club Winner Show results Szürkebarát Dagóca won ChCAC and Club Winner titles, Napos Legenda won HPJ and Junior BIS titles, Szürkebarát Ebenguba won 2xRes.ChCAC titles at two-days-Pumi Club Winner Show in Tápiószentmárton (Hungary). Szürkebarát Dagóca is now a Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH) and Napos Legenda a Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH). Szürkebarát Dagóca put successful character test with «Excellent» qualification (99,7%), and Szürkebarát Éjfél Vitéz put successful character test with «Promissing» qualification (93,7%) in age 6 m.o. Way to go!

May 23

Results of the year 2008 Szürkebarát Ugri-Füles — The Best Breeding Male of the Year, Szürkebarát Ebenguba — The Best Show Pumi of the Year and ClubStar-2008.

May 17

New International Champion Szürkebarát Dagóca won 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB and Reserve Best of Hungarian Breeds titles at International Shows in Budapest (Hungary) and now he is an International Champion. Napos Legenda «Lelle» got her second HPJ (Junior Winner) title.

May 8

Lelle has excellent hips and patellas Napos Legenda has excellent hips (HD-A) and patellas (0/0) tested and certified by MKOE (Hungarian Small Animal Orthopaedics Assotiation).

May 1

Hello Kitty — 3rd Puppy Best In Show Szürkebarát Éca «Hello Kitty» won Puppy BIS-3 title at her first dog show in Ferrara (Italy).

april 23

† In loving memory of Subi Today Napos Zsálya «Suba» has gone.

april 12

CACIB Shows in Szilvásvárad (Hungary) Szürkebarát Ebenguba — ChCAC, CACIB.

March 23

Lelle received breeding conformation Napos Legenda «Lelle» received breeding conformation and put successful character test (97,87%, Excellent) at Main Breeding Reveiw of MEOE Hungaria Pumi Klub in Budapest.

March 21

† In loving memory of Borzas Today Pásztortűz Csillaga Borzas «Borzi» has gone.