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Events and news of the year 2005

Dec .

Eero — Nordic Winner'2005 Szürkebarát Suhanc — Nordic Winner-2005 and BOB in Helsinki (Finland).

Nov .

Lahja — Norvegian Champion Szürkebarát Spiné — CACIB, BOB and BOG-3 and Norwegian Champion! HD result — A!

Jul 6

Litter «D» has born New litter was born by Somlyófalvi Szidike and Szürkebarát Balhé.

Jun 20

First Pumis in England First Pumi couple of Szürkebarát Balhé and Szürkebarát Copfos has arrived to England.

Jun 3

Bende — Junior European Winner EURODOG-2004, Wien (Austria). Szürkebarát Balhé — Junior European Winner'2004 and BOB.

May 6

Litter «Cs» has born New litter was born by Szürkebarát Micsoda Mázli és Szürkebarát Ugri-Füles.

Mar 12

The results of the year 2004 Szürkebarát kennel — The best kennel of the year, Ebugatta Kristály — The best breeding male of the year, Napos Zsálya — The Best breeding female of the year, Szürkebarát Obsit — Derby male of the year.